A few days ago, I woke up feeling wonderful. I felt light and airy and that everything in my life was marvelous. The sunlight streaming through the window felt like a divine blessing. It was a lovely to wake up feeling like that.

I woke up like that because of some writing I did the previous night. I’d just started a Law of Attraction project. I’m writing to put myself in the frame of mind of the lifestyle I want. I’m using Jeanette Mau’s Pray Rain Journaling technique. It’s a type of scripting, which is a technique for using the Law of Attraction to deliberately create something you want. Scripting is a way to practice the feeling of what we want by writing or talking about it as though it has already happened. I’ve started two journals for scripting. One is for writing about my health. The other is to write about my writing career.

I’ve only been doing this “pray rain” technique for a few days, but already I look forward to it because it feels so good. It feels like going back to sleep to re-inhabit a lovely dream. I can feel that the good mood generated by this journaling, is pulling what I want toward me, like a dance partner twirling me in.

Later in that day, I returned to the vaguely fearful, angst-ridden state of mind that has been my default. It was a stark contrast to the good mood I woke up in. It was a reminder that my experience of life is going to be pleasant or unpleasant based upon whether I unthinkingly fall into my default negative mood or deliberately choose a pleasant outlook. Just thinking about the choice, allows me to feel how I can have a glorious day if I choose to cultivate that mood. That is the miracle of this Law of Attraction work.

As I practice feeling good and use any tool I can find to get there, it gets easier to feel good. I see the choice between a good day and a bad day, more clearly as a choice. I’m learning to love my life and that feeling is building momentum. It’s helping me to see the truth: I have everything I need.

(Photo courtesy of Debi Barton Haverly, @debihaverly)

2 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Betsy

    Thank you for this post Mary. It really helps to remind me about the reality of having choices in my life and feeling empowered to make the “positive” choice. I also easily get into the groove of the “negative” aspects of things and this post reminds me that I don’t have to do that. It’s really quite simple on one level!

    1. mcvianet Post author

      Thanks, Betsy! The more I do this work, the more it seems to be about cultivating new habits of thought. You’re right, it’s simple. It just takes practice.

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