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What if terrorists understood the law of attraction?


Many of us have been paying attention to the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. These attacks have understandably stirred up a lot of emotion in people all over the world, particularly in the west.

As someone who is actively trying to use the law of attraction to make my life better, I’m reluctant to spend too much time thinking about something that feels this negative. I can’t do much to help the people who were directly hurt by this attack. I am not in Paris. But I am part of a larger community that is focusing on the attacks and the people hurt, so I have been thinking about how to have a useful attitude.

There is a quote going around facebook that says something like, “When tragedy strikes, look for the helpers.” It’s about looking for the people who rush to help those in distress. There are a lot of people who take on the duty of rushing to the aide of those in trouble. All kinds of emergency personnel, rush into danger to help and medical personnel work hard to heal those who’ve been hurt.

I’ve been looking for the helpers in the larger context. My social media feeds have been full of posts where people want to spread love and understanding. Abraham Hicks often says, “when you know what you don’t want, you know more clearly what you do want.” In response to angry people hurting others, many people are asserting what they would rather see: love and compassion for one another. That has been inspiring.

Even the angry posts I’ve seen have been efforts to care for others. People bring up other terrorists attacks that have gotten less attention. The message is, care for these people too.

Thinking about terrorism and the law of attraction has made me wonder what would happen if terrorists understood the law of attraction. I believe that terrorists want what we all want – love, meaningful work, comfort for themselves and those they care about. They clearly believe that they will feel better if they make others suffer. I think they are wrong.

What if they understood that acting out of anger and fear would bring them more anger and fear? What if they believed that they could create the lives that would make them happy, by focusing on becoming happy and filled with love? Their actions would have to change.

I believe that all of us who deliberately focus on feeling happiness and love, create a momentum that turns humanity more in that direction. I think we could get really good at it and create a climate that doesn’t allow powerlessness and rage to grow so strong that killing others appears to be a way to feel better. We could create overwhelming positive momentum. Shall we try?

(Photo courtesy of Debi Barton Haverly, @debihaverly)



Presidential campaign season is heating up here in the United States. With just one full year until the election, candidates are furiously fighting to get their messages out. Sigh. I’ve heard that there are countries where national political campaigns last for just 2 or 3 months. Can these magical places really exist? Could that happen here? Sounds like a worthy focus for deliberate creation.

I’m constantly surprised at how thinking about the law of attraction, changes how I see everything in my life, including politics. I used to think that it was my obligation to try to convince others to share my political beliefs. I saw people with differing political opinions as enemies and felt judged by people on all political sides. I was fighting against what I thought was bad and in so doing, was drawing it nearer. My arguments brought on more arguments. My worry brought on more worry.

Studying the law of attraction, convinced me to focus only on what made me feel good. I put down the burden of having to convince anyone of anything, including my political opinions. I backed away from politics and a wonderful thing happened. I started to like people again. Without dividing people into the camps of “for or against” my political beliefs, I started seeing them again as quirky individuals. It’s been an enormous relief.

I’m not comfortable with totally avoiding politics. It is how we choose leaders and make common decisions. It’s sometimes how we help each other. We would not be able to have roads and bridges and the huge networks of schools that we have, without banding together to create them. I want my vote and I appreciate a lot of what governments do for us. I just don’t want to lose my quirky new friends.

My understanding of the law of attraction, tells me to get clear on what I want and focus on that. Any action I take should be inspired by my positive focus. I can use the campaign season as a reminder to focus on what I want in government and politics. Perhaps I’ll be inspired to some action.

I know I want to feel good about my fellow citizens and elected officials, whatever their political beliefs. I want us all to feel happy. I want us all to be kind. I want to have good relationships with people in other countries, all over the world. I want us all to feel secure and prosperous and lucky.

Perhaps some gratitude lists about politics and politicians are in order. Isn’t that a new thought?