How To Succeed In Business?


I was watching some videos that advertised an online business training program.  This particular training has an excellent reputation.  It seems that every successful business that I encounter online, was started by someone who went through this program.  The program is only open for enrollment once per year. Once again, I watched the video training that advertised this program and thought “Yes, this is what I need to have a successful online business!”

I found myself scheming about how to beg, borrow or steal the money to take this training.  I started pacing and getting all hyped up and anxious.  I started questioning my commitment to my writing career.  I was starting to browbeat myself about not committing enough time to writing and business and thinking about writing and thinking about business, when I realized something about the videos I’d watched.  There was a big emphasis on working hard.

Cue the sirens and flashing neon sign. “Danger! Danger!”  I don’t need to start mounting up debt, but the most dangerous idea I can have is that I’m going to make myself work hard to accomplish something.

By hard work I mean work that I have to push myself to do.  Work that is not inspired.  Work that takes a huge effort because I’m not listening to myself.  Instead, I’m pushing myself beyond my limits in an effort to follow a path that someone else has laid out.  I’ve been down that road about a million times and it never takes me where I want to go. I need an easy path to my dreams.

Learning about law of attraction has saved me.  I don’t want to work hard anymore. I finally have alternatives to the “flog myself into submission” school of accomplishment.  I think of it as cultivating inspiration.  I’m learning to deliberately start positive momentum in the direction I want to go and then feed that momentum.

I believe I’ve now got the tools to accomplish anything, but the tools are still awkward and unwieldy in my hands.  I pick them up and drop them.  I use them backwards.  I feel like I’m in school again.  I haven’t mastered my subject but everything I learn makes me see the world differently.  It’s exciting. Again and again, I go back to cultivating gratitude, relaxing, finding more hopeful thoughts.

The video training I watched was inspiring.  The trainer encouraged us to follow our dreams and that is a message I totally agree with.  In fact, my goal is to become an expert dreamer.  I want to dream and dream and dream more, until the dream becomes so real that it sweeps me up in its wake and I can’t help but follow.  That’s law of attraction.  That’s momentum.  That’s inspiration.