Happiness is like a Campfire


I’m experimenting with deliberately nurturing happiness in myself. I can create emotions with very little effort. It’s much easier to feel happy if I just focus on feeling happy rather than on creating conditions in my life that I think will make me happy, like more money, health, better relationships.

Law of attraction teachers always say that an easy path to the physical things that we want is to create the good feelings that we imagine we’ll have when we get those physical things.  Lately, I don’t care as much about those physical things.  I just want to feel good.  It turns out that it’s not that hard to create emotions.

Creating happiness is like building a campfire. It can start as a tiny spark.  That spark can be a joke, a passing feeling of well-being, appreciation for some useful item I see every day.  If I shelter and protect this spark of happiness, if I coax it along, it grows. The growth is almost imperceptible at first, but then the happy feeling grows fast.

As the spark turns into an established flame, it becomes less vulnerable. I can step back and relax.  I don’t need to shelter my creation as much. I feed it with thoughts of appreciation for the world around me or the world in my head.  I think of good things that have happened, people I love, the way sunlight filters through trees. It’s easy to find things to appreciate once I’m looking.

If I continue to feed my happiness with happy thoughts, it gets bigger and bigger, until it just needs occasional tending. I can enjoy the warmth and the glow.

Creating happiness and creating a campfire both benefit from starting under favorable conditions.  It’s hard to start a campfire during a rainstorm.  Happiness doesn’t grow from an emotional storm either.  A storm of painful emotions is a bad time to get a feeling of happiness to catch and build.  Best to find shelter and wait for the storm to pass. Then try again tomorrow.