The Magic of Vision


I’ve seen an advertisement on youtube where a woman starts her pitch by asking disparagingly if I am sitting on the couch waiting for law of attraction to bring me what I want.  There was a time when I would have been offended or questioned myself when I heard those words.  Now, I just shake my head because I know she’s totally missing the point of this work.

It’s about navigation, really.  I navigate to where I want to be, by focusing on where I want to be.

This isn’t as easy as it sounds.  I’ve been a terrible navigator for most of my life.  In fact, I come from a long line of bad navigators.  We’ve all been stumbling around, faced in the wrong direction and wondering why we didn’t get to where we wanted to go. It’s what we were taught by all the bad navigators that came before us.

I keep having an image of the nose of a plane or the prow of a boat.  My life is that plane on its flight or a boat on the water and my work applying the law of attraction is learning to point my vessel toward where I want to go.  Working with the law of attraction is not about what I do or don’t do.  It’s about where I aim.

I can just focus on everything I want to experience and just trust the river of life to carry me there. That is what I’m coming to believe. My work is to keep my attention focused on the vision of what I want – to flesh it out and feel the emotion of having what I want.  I focus my imagination on the future and set a course to where I’m focusing.

I have experienced the benefits of focusing on a positive vision for my life.  When I knew I needed a new car and I didn’t know how to get one, I started deliberately envisioning myself happy, driving a safe, well running car.  I visualized myself easily driving it through the hilly back roads of my environment.

I’m convinced that this visualizing helped me get a car and car loan when with no extra money and no credit history, I believed I had no way to get either.  The vision and my deliberate attempts to stay open to it, overcame my fears and my precarious situation.

Something similar happened with my health.  When I was experiencing some minor, but chronic health problems, and I was reading about law of attraction, I deliberately tried to focus my attention on feeling healthy.  I didn’t do that a lot.    Just a few episodes of focusing on my desire to feel healthy and I was led to change my diet in ways I’d attempted for years and failed at for years. This time it was inexplicably easy.

One more example: I was finding myself getting crabby and resentful at work.  I often dreaded going there.  I decided to deliberately envision feeling good at work.  On my drive to work, I would tell myself that I was going to have an easy, fun day at work.  I’d think about everything I liked about my job.  I’d envision getting along well with everyone there.  I’d envision my workday going smoothly and easily.

This visualizing and focus helped me right away.  After a week of doing it consistently, my work day became very pleasant.  I had fun at work.  In fact, my workday became so enjoyable that I enjoyed being at work more than I enjoyed being at home.

I can select what I want to experience in each part of my life and I can focus on that and envision it until it comes true.  I can envision a whole life where every aspect of my life pleases me.  I can focus on that vision and relax and let the stream of life carry me there. So that’s what I’m doing now.

After I create the vision and infuse it with love and hope, I let go and turn it over to the beneficial forces of the universe.  If I stay in the moment and trust and do what feels right in the moment, I will be led to everything I want.  I’ve seen it work so many times.