A Radical Notion


I have been changed by studying the law of attraction and deliberately using it in my life. My fundamental assumptions about myself and my world are different. There is one new perspective that embodies it all: I can trust my joy.

I was shocked when I realized this was true.  It goes against everything I used to believe. I thought I had to force myself to do difficult and unpleasant things to eventually get what I want and be happy.  I totally bought the notion that forcing myself to do things I didn’t want to do, was the key to achievement and being a good person.

I thought joy was a bad influence.  At best, it was a waste of time.  At worst, chasing after joy would cause me to lose everything good and decent in life.

I’m so relieved to learn that life doesn’t work that way.  I’ve caught glimpses of the truth throughout my life, but my belief in hard work was so firmly entrenched, that I didn’t believe my own eyes.  I didn’t believe it when I saw that relaxing and feeling good led me to easily accomplish tasks that I struggled with when applying will and effort. Desperation finally motivated me to consider that there could be a better way – an easier way.

I can trust my joy.  Those 5 little words encapsulate the essence of everything I’ve learned about law of attraction and how it works in my life. My feelings of joy are trustworthy.

I can trust my joy to take care of me.  I can trust my joy to nurture my relationships.  I can trust my joy to lead me to my best work.  I can trust my joy to keep me physically and financially healthy.  I can trust my joy to help me contribute to my community.

More than that, I can trust my joy to lead me to excitement.  I can trust my joy to lead me to love.  I can trust my joy to bring creativity and adventure and deep satisfaction to my life.

Joy is both the goal and the path to the goal.  I get to joy by cultivating joy.  I can simply look around my world to find joy.  We live on an amazing planet.  Right now, it’s autumn where I live.  I’m surrounded by trees displaying a joyous profusion of red and yellow leaves.  The hillsides are exquisite tapestries. I can see joy everywhere.

My life’s work is to cultivate joy.  That’s it.  Every other thing I want will show up along the way, like cartoon woodland creatures peeking out from a path in a fairytale. I’ve seen enough evidence of this that I feel absolutely certain of it.  Eureka!  I can trust my joy.