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Quick Focus

One of Abraham-Hicks’ teachings is that if we focus for 17 seconds on a thought, another thought that feels similar will join it. If we continue to focus on similar feeling thoughts for 68 seconds then we have started momentum and it will continue and grow as long as we don’t interrupt it with different feeling thoughts.

So, for example, if I want to start a feeling of abundance, I can think about ways I already feel abundant. I have a good car. I can buy cheesecake whenever I want. There are many wonderful flavors of cheesecake available. I can also focus on the ways I would like to enjoy more abundance. I can imagine the vacations I would take with enough money. I can think about the causes I would like to financially support. I can think of all the cheesecake I could buy for others. As I focus in that direction for a minute or more, I can easily generate more thoughts that feel abundant.

The thing I love about the idea of focusing for 17 or 68 seconds is that it’s so doable! I could do almost anything for 17 seconds. I could drink vinegar or stand on one foot for 17 seconds. Certainly, I can think in a way that feels good to me for 17 seconds. I just have to remember to do it.

I don’t know where that 17 second or 68 second figures comes from. Abraham-Hicks talks about this like it’s a law of physics. Maybe. I don’t know how you would prove it’s accuracy. I just know it’s a useful idea.

The beauty of this idea is that I can use it anytime and anywhere. I can deliberately focus for 17 seconds when I’m feeling bored. I can take a slow moment at work and use 17 seconds to get myself into a happier state of mind. I can do it while I’m driving or walking from one place to another. I can do it in the grocery store.

Of course, this 17 second rule also applies to negative feelings. It doesn’t take any longer to get negative momentum going than positive momentum.

There’s a youtube clip of an Abraham seminar where a man talks about using this 17 second rule with his intention to be happy. He made a practice of reducing the time that he held any negative thought. Eventually he claims he got to not holding a negative thought for more than 17 seconds. He talks about how wonderful this made his life. And, oh, he won the lottery. You can listen to the clip here if you like.

How are you going to use your next 17 seconds?

3 LOA Success Stories

I love hearing stories about how others have applied law of attraction techniques to their lives and had wonderful results. It’s inspiring and fun. I started a Pinterest board so I could keep links to these stories when I found them.

The three stories I’m sharing with you here, are recordings from Abraham-Hicks seminars. The clips range in length from 7-12 minutes. They’re great mood elevators.

Here are my three favorite LOA success stories:

1. The ease of deliberate creation

In this clip, the woman telling the story sells real estate. She shares two stories about how her efforts to relax and deliberately feel good, led to two unexpected and easy real estate sales.

2. Vortex essay and college entry

A father shares how his daughter’s expectations and actions, based on her knowledge of law of attraction, helped her get into the college of her choice.

3. A new 30 day process brings success

A man devised a 30 day process to feel good and thereby created several big changes that transformed his life in wonderful ways.

I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I do!

Reclaiming Winter

When I was a kid, winter was my favorite season.  I loved how the landscape was covered with snow.  It felt magical. I loved building forts and castles in the snow.  I loved drinking hot chocolate. I loved that insects went away. The first snow of the season was a big occasion for me.

I kept that love of winter for a long time, but in recent years, I’ve felt differently.  I have a job that requires me to show up in any weather.  Each year, I have a few truly terrifying commutes through snow or ice storms.

I started to dread winter. By each September, I was already feeling fear about driving through winter storms. I resented the difficulty.  I wasn’t happy about the first snow anymore.

This winter, I decided to feel differently.  That’s the beauty of this law of attraction work.  I have tools now to change how I feel about any topic. I decided to reclaim my love of winter.

My main tactic was to make a deliberate attempt to appreciate winter.  In particular, I made a point of appreciating the snow.  It wasn’t hard.  It’s so dramatic and beautiful when the stark landscape of brown trees gets replaced by a blanket of white with snow swirling through the air. When new snow glitters in the sun, it looks like a field of diamonds.

I had to stop anticipating bad commutes.  It occurred to me that those days are few.  Driving is easy for most of the winter.  I deliberately chose not to think about stormy driving conditions.  Not thinking about it so much, took my level of fear way down.

When my fears about driving did come up, I reminded myself that I’d gotten through the previous couple of years without any trouble. I listen to my intuition about which driving route to take. I play inspiring CDs that make the ride more pleasant. I soothe my fears and I enjoy the transformed scenery as I drive slowly through the snow.  

I love the quiet of the winter. I look for owls and other wildlife.  I try to identify animal tracks in the snow. There is a farmstand near me that makes delicious apple cider, only in fall and winter. I’ve been drinking a lot of apple cider.

The other day, I thought about spring coming.  My genuine feeling was that I wasn’t ready for it yet.  I was glad that we had more of winter to go through.  

The lesson in this is that It was easy to reclaim my love of winter.  All it took was a few tweaks to my thinking.  With some deliberate focus, my overall attitude about winter went from dreading and resenting it to enjoying it. This is a small example but It makes me wonder what else I could improve with deliberately changed thinking.