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Sexual Transmutation?

I was listening to an Abrahams-Hicks CD where a questioner asked Abraham about sexual energy as an expression of source or spiritual energy. Abraham talked about the sexual transmutation that Napoleon Hill wrote about in Think and Grow Rich. Basically, Abraham said that sexuality allowed one to tap into source energy because of the way we focus when we’re sexual.

Abraham noted that our focus becomes singular on the topic of sexuality. We’re less likely to be distracted by other subjects when we’re focusing on sexuality. When we join with another in that singular focus, the energy is expanded. The implication was that pure focus aligns us with source energy.

In thinking about this, I would add that other aspects of focus on sexuality, lead us closer to alignment with source energy. We are expecting enjoyment when we are sexual. At the same time we are rooted in the present moment more than usual. We pay attention to everything happening in the present moment. It’s like meditation in that way.

Abraham also said that sexuality is not different than other aspects of being physical in that we have mixed feelings about paying attention to it and following our own impulses. I certainly have a lot of mixed feelings about sexuality, but it’s hard to deny the strength and focus of sexual feelings.

I’m finding it useful to think of sexual interest as a good model for generating focus on other things I want. For example, imagine getting as focused, hopeful and enthralled with good health as with a new lover. Imagine courting health with the same fervor as we court a potential lover. Imagine giving long periods of unhurried time to relaxing the way we do when we’re sexual.

Napoleon Hill writes that the successful people he studied, were very sexually active. Apparently, the lesson is, if you want to learn to focus better, have more sex!

Everything Is Always Working Out For Me

This is my new mantra, “Everything is always working out for me.” It comes from Abraham-Hicks. Their assertion is that the universe, our higher selves, the spiritual forces in the world are leading each of us along the paths of least resistance toward what we want. I’ve found that if I relax and flow with the stream of events in my life and follow my intuition, it does lead me quickly to the things I want.

I discovered this phenomenon, earlier in my life when I was attending 12-step programs. One of the 12 steps is “Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.” Friends and I, who try to use this method, call it “turning it over.” Turning what over? Everything. Anything. Any time we are concerned or afraid about something or want to achieve something, we learn to turn it over to the benevolent spiritual forces in the universe.

I did this “turning it over” pretty intently once, for about 6 months. It was a daily practice. My life moved and changed at rocket speed. It scared me a bit. It also brought me to dealing with some painful childhood stuff that was crippling my life. I had wanted to understand my own difficulties. It was necessary and freeing to address that childhood stuff, but not very pleasant. I decided to slow down the whole “turning it over” experiment.

I did develop a new habit that has served me well. Whenever I need to have a conversation that I’m not comfortable with, I say to the universe “Give me the words.” and then I let it go. I find that the perfect words come to me easily or the situation resolves without the need for me to say anything at all.

This asking for the perfect words has helped me in all kinds of situations. It’s helped me with conflicts with others. It’s helped me with job interviews. It’s helped me to comfort loved ones who were in pain. I’ve had such good luck with this technique that I feel total confidence in using it.

So why doesn’t everything in my life just automatically go well, all the time? Mostly, because I’m not in the habit of turning things over and asking for guidance. My habit is to struggle and strive and work hard and try to think my way to my goals. Too often, I think I’m powerless over my circumstances because I can’t change them immediately through an act of will. Ironically, my quickest path to the things I want, is to let go of trying to will them into being. I’m more successful when I trust that I will be led to what I want.

Saying this mantra, “Everything is always working out for me.” reminds me that life can be easy if I let it. When I repeat this mantra, it always helps me feel peaceful. I do believe that everything is always working out for me.

Five Lessons from Crisis for Accomplishing Goals

crisis: a dramatic emotional or circumstantial upheaval in a person’s life (from

I’ve noticed that my use of law of attraction principles has been most effective when I’ve been in crisis. I can accomplish almost anything if I feel like I have no choice. I would like to learn to generate the benefits of crisis without an actual crisis.

I’ve been thinking about one particular crisis I went through. I believe the ways I automatically cope with crisis, could be applied to any goal. My crisis was that on my way to work on a cold November day, my car died by the side of the road. The car couldn’t be fixed. I had no money for another car and no credit. I had to have a car to get to work or do almost anything in my semi-rural community.

Here are the 5 lessons that I learned from coping with that crisis.

1. Focus exclusively on the goal.

When something is going wrong, my focus is sharpened. The crisis has all of my attention. When my car died, my attention was exclusively on getting home, then getting a new car. It took me a week to resolve this crisis. Getting a new car was my exclusive focus for the whole week.

2. Maintain focus until the goal is achieved.

Crisis keeps my attention on the change I want to make until it is made. I can’t shrug it off and go into denial when a crisis must be dealt with. I did not and could not stop focusing on getting a new car until I had a new car.

3. Ask for help.

Asking for help can be hard, but a crisis makes it unavoidable. In my car crisis, I asked for help figuring out what to do. I asked for rides to get to work and to get to the local car dealership. Sometimes I just talked to people about what was going on and they spontaneously offered help. Help from others got me to my goal and helped me to function in the meantime. I discovered that I am surrounded by a loving community that will help me when I ask.

4. Be open to new approaches.

Some 12-step groups say that crisis brings the gift of desperation. In the car crisis, I had to find a solution so I could work and support myself. I was desperate, so I considered every solution I could imagine. I considered applying to the one place within walking distance where I could use my current job skills. I even walked there to see how long it would take. (45 minutes) I considered moving to a city if I couldn’t get a car. I asked a couple of people to co-sign a car loan. Neither could, but one offered me a loan for a down payment on a car.

5. Use spiritual guidance.

When I’m frightened or confused, I often turn to spiritual solutions. While dealing with my car crisis, I prayed, I meditated and I very deliberately used law of attraction principles. When I didn’t know what to do, I reminded myself that the situation could work out well, even if I didn’t know the solution at that particular moment. I deliberately appreciated everything I could. I visualized and talked about the outcome I would like to achieve.

How did the crisis resolve? Within a week, I had a two year old car, with just 30,000 miles on it. In addition to the down payment loan, I had a car loan I could afford with a reasonable interest rate.

Now I’m working on applying these techniques to a goal that I’ve wanted to achieve for a long time.

I’ll let you know if it works.

Finding Inspiration

I’ve always loved the creative arts. Music and dance and painting have seemed like magic to me. The sensual appeal is a big part of my enjoyment of art. Beauty and movement, sound and color are some of the best parts of life. The art I love the most is art that also inspires me.

When I try to create art myself, it’s the feeling of inspiration that I’m reaching for. That’s why I write. I want that feeling of my mind swirling with wonderful ideas that I can’t wait to act on. Writing gets me in touch with inspiration and inspiration makes me happy.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to learn how to live in a way that makes me happy. For many years, I thought that meant doing the right actions to create the right circumstances to be happy.

I got it backward. When I make myself happy, I’m inspired to take actions and find circumstances that just emphasize and expand that feeling of happiness and inspiration. I believe now that generating and expanding this feeling of happy inspiration is the main purpose of my life. The wonderful things I see and experience along the way are a result and benefit of maintaining that feeling.

One of the ways I access that feeling of happy inspiration is to get quiet and listen to my intuition.

I’ve learned over the years that I can rely on the intuitive guidance I get when I listen to my intuition and act on it rather than trying to reason out how to accomplish goals. Intuition is quicker and more reliable than reason.

Sometimes following intuition is a bit unsettling. I can’t see far down the path I’m following. I know from experience that following my intuition will take me efficiently to that happy, inspired place where everything comes together easily. It’s still hard to trust it when I can’t see very far ahead.

The key is to stay in this moment and appreciate what’s here. I access both intuition and inspiration when I’m paying attention to the present moment.

Learning about law of attraction and deliberate creation has made it easier to follow my intuition to inspiration. It turns out that when I deliberately make myself happy, I hear my intuition more clearly and I’m more easily led to inspiration.

I make myself happy by reaching for thoughts that feel good. I make myself happy by staying in the present moment and appreciating what’s there and by relaxing. When I do these things to feel happy, my intuition becomes a reliable guide and happiness is quickly followed by inspiration. That’s when life really gets fun.