Finding Inspiration

I’ve always loved the creative arts. Music and dance and painting have seemed like magic to me. The sensual appeal is a big part of my enjoyment of art. Beauty and movement, sound and color are some of the best parts of life. The art I love the most is art that also inspires me.

When I try to create art myself, it’s the feeling of inspiration that I’m reaching for. That’s why I write. I want that feeling of my mind swirling with wonderful ideas that I can’t wait to act on. Writing gets me in touch with inspiration and inspiration makes me happy.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to learn how to live in a way that makes me happy. For many years, I thought that meant doing the right actions to create the right circumstances to be happy.

I got it backward. When I make myself happy, I’m inspired to take actions and find circumstances that just emphasize and expand that feeling of happiness and inspiration. I believe now that generating and expanding this feeling of happy inspiration is the main purpose of my life. The wonderful things I see and experience along the way are a result and benefit of maintaining that feeling.

One of the ways I access that feeling of happy inspiration is to get quiet and listen to my intuition.

I’ve learned over the years that I can rely on the intuitive guidance I get when I listen to my intuition and act on it rather than trying to reason out how to accomplish goals. Intuition is quicker and more reliable than reason.

Sometimes following intuition is a bit unsettling. I can’t see far down the path I’m following. I know from experience that following my intuition will take me efficiently to that happy, inspired place where everything comes together easily. It’s still hard to trust it when I can’t see very far ahead.

The key is to stay in this moment and appreciate what’s here. I access both intuition and inspiration when I’m paying attention to the present moment.

Learning about law of attraction and deliberate creation has made it easier to follow my intuition to inspiration. It turns out that when I deliberately make myself happy, I hear my intuition more clearly and I’m more easily led to inspiration.

I make myself happy by reaching for thoughts that feel good. I make myself happy by staying in the present moment and appreciating what’s there and by relaxing. When I do these things to feel happy, my intuition becomes a reliable guide and happiness is quickly followed by inspiration. That’s when life really gets fun.