Everything Is Always Working Out For Me

This is my new mantra, “Everything is always working out for me.” It comes from Abraham-Hicks. Their assertion is that the universe, our higher selves, the spiritual forces in the world are leading each of us along the paths of least resistance toward what we want. I’ve found that if I relax and flow with the stream of events in my life and follow my intuition, it does lead me quickly to the things I want.

I discovered this phenomenon, earlier in my life when I was attending 12-step programs. One of the 12 steps is “Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.” Friends and I, who try to use this method, call it “turning it over.” Turning what over? Everything. Anything. Any time we are concerned or afraid about something or want to achieve something, we learn to turn it over to the benevolent spiritual forces in the universe.

I did this “turning it over” pretty intently once, for about 6 months. It was a daily practice. My life moved and changed at rocket speed. It scared me a bit. It also brought me to dealing with some painful childhood stuff that was crippling my life. I had wanted to understand my own difficulties. It was necessary and freeing to address that childhood stuff, but not very pleasant. I decided to slow down the whole “turning it over” experiment.

I did develop a new habit that has served me well. Whenever I need to have a conversation that I’m not comfortable with, I say to the universe “Give me the words.” and then I let it go. I find that the perfect words come to me easily or the situation resolves without the need for me to say anything at all.

This asking for the perfect words has helped me in all kinds of situations. It’s helped me with conflicts with others. It’s helped me with job interviews. It’s helped me to comfort loved ones who were in pain. I’ve had such good luck with this technique that I feel total confidence in using it.

So why doesn’t everything in my life just automatically go well, all the time? Mostly, because I’m not in the habit of turning things over and asking for guidance. My habit is to struggle and strive and work hard and try to think my way to my goals. Too often, I think I’m powerless over my circumstances because I can’t change them immediately through an act of will. Ironically, my quickest path to the things I want, is to let go of trying to will them into being. I’m more successful when I trust that I will be led to what I want.

Saying this mantra, “Everything is always working out for me.” reminds me that life can be easy if I let it. When I repeat this mantra, it always helps me feel peaceful. I do believe that everything is always working out for me.