Sexual Transmutation?

I was listening to an Abrahams-Hicks CD where a questioner asked Abraham about sexual energy as an expression of source or spiritual energy. Abraham talked about the sexual transmutation that Napoleon Hill wrote about in Think and Grow Rich. Basically, Abraham said that sexuality allowed one to tap into source energy because of the way we focus when we’re sexual.

Abraham noted that our focus becomes singular on the topic of sexuality. We’re less likely to be distracted by other subjects when we’re focusing on sexuality. When we join with another in that singular focus, the energy is expanded. The implication was that pure focus aligns us with source energy.

In thinking about this, I would add that other aspects of focus on sexuality, lead us closer to alignment with source energy. We are expecting enjoyment when we are sexual. At the same time we are rooted in the present moment more than usual. We pay attention to everything happening in the present moment. It’s like meditation in that way.

Abraham also said that sexuality is not different than other aspects of being physical in that we have mixed feelings about paying attention to it and following our own impulses. I certainly have a lot of mixed feelings about sexuality, but it’s hard to deny the strength and focus of sexual feelings.

I’m finding it useful to think of sexual interest as a good model for generating focus on other things I want. For example, imagine getting as focused, hopeful and enthralled with good health as with a new lover. Imagine courting health with the same fervor as we court a potential lover. Imagine giving long periods of unhurried time to relaxing the way we do when we’re sexual.

Napoleon Hill writes that the successful people he studied, were very sexually active. Apparently, the lesson is, if you want to learn to focus better, have more sex!