“You can be or do or have anything you want.” she says.

“Yah, right. ” I say. “How?”

“Get happy.” she says.

I roll my eyes.


“I’m trying. That’s why I want that stuff.” I reply.

“It does not work that way. Get happy and you will have what you want.” she says.

“That’s not what I’ve been taught.” I say.


“A belief is just a thought you keep thinking.”

“Obviously.” I think.

“Nevertheless, this is what I believe.” I say, a bit sanctimoniously.

“How’s that working out for you?” she replies.


“Nobody likes a smart ass.” I think.

She just smiles.


“You keep looking at what is. That is old news.” she says.

“It’s new to me.” I mutter as I glance around.


“When you identify a new desire, your vortex immediately becomes that desire. Your vortex is filled to the brim with everything you have put there.” she says.

“Can you please point me toward it’s location?” I ask

“Just get happy!” she says, inanely.


“But I’m not happy.” I whine.

“Law of attraction makes it difficult to think different thoughts.” she admits

“Start first thing in the morning. When you slumber, momentum ceases. First thing is the morning is the best time to start momentum in the way you choose.” she advises.


“I’m on a late schedule. I don’t get up in the morning.”

She gives me that look.

“Okay. I could start whenever I get up. Maybe. If I remember.” I grumble.


“Or take a nap.” she suggests.

“What if I can’t take a nap? I can’t nap at work.”

“Find a better feeling thought.” she says.


“It’s hard.”

“Go general.” she advises.


“How long do I have to do this until I feel better?” I ask.

“17 seconds.” she replies.

“I can do that.” I think.


“And when I feel better?”

“Appreciate. Make long lists of the positive aspects of people and things around you.” she says.

“What will that help me do?” I ask.


She pauses for a beat. “Get happy.”