A Welcoming Universe

I’m reading an interview of writer Anne Lamott, by Gloria Steinem. (Read the interview here.) They are two of my favorite public figures. This interview makes me want to cry because it is so much what I need to read right now.

In one question, Steinem says, “I don’t believe in dividing everything into two, but there do seem to be two kinds of people – those who see the universe as welcoming, and those who see it as hostile. I’ve always assumed this had to do with how we were raised, yet you seem to have traveled from a hostile childhood to a friendly place, thus allowing readers to do the same.”

Reading this brought more tears to my eyes and a mental fist pump. Yes! This is the issue.

All my years of spiritual seeking and seeking for mental health, come down to this – learning to go from seeing the world as a hostile place to seeing it as a welcoming place. To me, seeing the world as a beautiful, welcoming place is the key to peace of mind, health, friendship, love and all good things. It’s the single thing that draws me to spiritual leaders. It is the most important point of focus for me.

Next to the idea of seeing the world as a welcoming place, this knowledge of law of attraction is just a minor tool. It helps me understand that whatever I focus on grows in my experience, but it doesn’t tell me what to focus on. What to focus on for me is a vision of a loving, welcoming world. It’s there when I look for it and it fills me like nothing else.

Thanks for the reminder, Gloria!