A few years ago, I got myself in a bad financial position. Again. I was feeling desperate. One night I came across a book that my mother had given me about the law of attraction and other related ideas. The book was Ask And It Is Given, by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

When my mother first gave me this book, I dismissed it as more flakiness from my flaky mother. I held on to it because it was from her, but after skimming a few pages, I put it on a shelf, intending to never pick it up again.

By the time I got to my most recent financial crisis, my mother had died several years before and I was nostalgic about anything related to her. I started reading Ask And It Is Given and this time it was a revelation. The book helped me to understand so much of what had gone on in my life and how I could make my life better.

Since then, I’ve spent a lot of time learning about the law of attraction and how to deliberately make use of it in my life. I particularly like the ideas taught by Abraham Hicks.

My life keeps getting better and easier as I learn to work with the law of attraction. I’m learning to be happy. I’m writing this blog to share the useful ideas and resources I find.

There are two morals of my story. 1) Solutions can come from unlikely places. 2) Never underestimate your mother.

Enjoy your visit,

Mary Collins