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My Experiment With Healing

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For most of my life, I have been interested in natural and alternative healing. I particularly love stories of dramatic healings from serious illness. I’ve collected these stories as evidence of possibilities.

I’ve looked for common methods of healing in these stories but haven’t found many. I’ve wanted to tease out the magic formula. There had to be some mechanism, but what was it? Each person who healed himself or herself, took different actions. Sure, there were similarities between some stories, but I couldn’t find one thing that tied these stories together. Until now.

What I’ve learned about the Law of Attraction explains it. Each of these people changed their thoughts and emotions so they were happier.

Many years ago, I got introduced to this idea when I read Anatomy of an Illness by Norman Cousins. He had a sudden onset of a crippling illness. One specialist said that his chances for survival were 1 in 500. He decided that if he was going to be that one, he would have to take an active role in his healing. Mr. Cousins went on to describe how he came up with a plan to heal himself.

Through his research, he came to the conclusion that stress had a big effect on health or lack of it, and he set out to make himself feel good emotionally. He, famously, incorporated watching funny films and reading humor into his health routine. It worked. He did heal himself and went on to live another 25 years after his illness. There are other actions he took, but deliberately changing his mood was a major focus of his self-healing.

I have a tape of a talk given by a woman who healed herself of ALS, or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. ALS, also known as Lou Gehrigs disease, is an illness that causes muscles to atrophy. A person with ALS, eventually can’t move, talk, swallow, breathe. Medical science has not found a cure for ALS. The woman on the tape described her path into and out of the illness. When her illness had progressed to the point of not being able to use most of her muscles and she was getting close to death, she decided that she wanted to experience unconditional love before she died. She spent her days trying to express love to the people who cared for her and appreciating the love they were expressing to her. Deliberately trying to express love and feeling love, healed her. By the time she was giving the lecture that was recorded, she was back to normal functioning and going to medical conferences to share her experience.

I’ve never had any life-threatening physical illness, but I have had an example, in my life, of healing by changing my thoughts. I’ve been struggling to stop eating sugar for my entire adult life. My overconsumption of sugar has contributed to some chronic health problems and I wanted to feel better. I’ve tried diets. I’ve tried support groups. I’ve tried fasts. I became a vegetarian. I meditated. I got massages. I did yoga. I spent decades trying to force, trick or cajole myself into leaving sugar alone and I never had much luck until last year.

In the spring, I got clear that I wanted to be healthier. I didn’t ponder it too much and I didn’t deliberately take action to get healthier. I just thought about it as something I’d like to do and I let go of it. A few weeks later, I found myself drawn to a book that had a chapter on a medical condition I have. The author talked about how vital it was to stop eating sugar to heal this condition. I knew that. I’d read it many times in many books, but this time, in this context, it inspired me. It was the right thing at the right time and I easily dropped sugar from my diet. It wasn’t hard. I didn’t try. It just happened.

I had six months when I was rarely tempted to eat sugar. That felt like a miracle. My health improved in a dozen different ways and it was easy. In the year since then, I have had some good times and some bad times with my health and sugar consumption. Apparently, I needed to do more research. But I’ve never seriously worried about sugar again. I’ve learned the secret. I don’t focus on avoiding sugar to be healthier. I focus on being healthy to be healthy.

I’m not eating sugar now. It’s easy. I’m curious to see how healthy I can get. I’ll keep you posted.

Gone Woo Woo

Well, now I’ve done it. I’ve gone totally woo woo. I’m even writing a blog about it.

Yes, I’m coming out of the closet as a believer in the law of attraction. My former self is rolling her eyes and snickering. Why am I willing to risk internal ridicule? It’s simple. This new perspective works. As I learn to take the law of attraction into account, everything in my life works better.

The law of attraction is generally stated as “like attracts like.” It sounds basic – maybe even obvious. The implications are vast.

It means that I can focus on feeling good and bring more and more into my life that feels good. It also means if I feel doomed and keep focusing on how doomed I feel, I’ll bring more doom into my life. This explains a lot in my past.

Part of this phenomenon is that when I feel good, I notice good things more. I’m looking for them. I can take advantage of the good things in my life, because I’m seeing them.

When I’m focused on the bad in my life, I can’t even imagine that there is good around me. I don’t see good things, because my perspective blocks them.

My perspective definitely controls a lot of what I see, but there is another aspect of law of attraction. This is where the woo woo and the magic come. I now believe that my expectations draw much of what I receive from the rest of the world.

My expectations and focus draw the conditions I expect like magnets draw metal. When I let go of trying to figure out how to change my life and I just dream about how I want it to be, it’s startling how much of what I want, shows up in ways I couldn’t have predicted. It does feel like magic. A deep part of me knew all along that the world worked like this.

Abraham Hicks talks about the clarifying nature of contrast. Contrast is what they call those things we don’t necessarily want in our life. I’m starting to appreciate contrast too. Whenever I don’t like something in my life, it does give me a clearer idea of what I would like. The trick is to focus on that new clarity about what I would like, rather than continuing to focus on the negative that clarified it.

This is all pretty woo woo. I’m okay with that. I’m willing to give up a little dignity to have everything else that I want. I am an enthusiastic student of the law of attraction. I want to share what I find and develop a community of like-minded folks. I want to have all the good things that my fevered little brain can imagine. I want that for you too. Join me, won’t you?