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Gone Woo Woo

Well, now I’ve done it. I’ve gone totally woo woo. I’m even writing a blog about it.

Yes, I’m coming out of the closet as a believer in the law of attraction. My former self is rolling her eyes and snickering. Why am I willing to risk internal ridicule? It’s simple. This new perspective works. As I learn to take the law of attraction into account, everything in my life works better.

The law of attraction is generally stated as “like attracts like.” It sounds basic – maybe even obvious. The implications are vast.

It means that I can focus on feeling good and bring more and more into my life that feels good. It also means if I feel doomed and keep focusing on how doomed I feel, I’ll bring more doom into my life. This explains a lot in my past.

Part of this phenomenon is that when I feel good, I notice good things more. I’m looking for them. I can take advantage of the good things in my life, because I’m seeing them.

When I’m focused on the bad in my life, I can’t even imagine that there is good around me. I don’t see good things, because my perspective blocks them.

My perspective definitely controls a lot of what I see, but there is another aspect of law of attraction. This is where the woo woo and the magic come. I now believe that my expectations draw much of what I receive from the rest of the world.

My expectations and focus draw the conditions I expect like magnets draw metal. When I let go of trying to figure out how to change my life and I just dream about how I want it to be, it’s startling how much of what I want, shows up in ways I couldn’t have predicted. It does feel like magic. A deep part of me knew all along that the world worked like this.

Abraham Hicks talks about the clarifying nature of contrast. Contrast is what they call those things we don’t necessarily want in our life. I’m starting to appreciate contrast too. Whenever I don’t like something in my life, it does give me a clearer idea of what I would like. The trick is to focus on that new clarity about what I would like, rather than continuing to focus on the negative that clarified it.

This is all pretty woo woo. I’m okay with that. I’m willing to give up a little dignity to have everything else that I want. I am an enthusiastic student of the law of attraction. I want to share what I find and develop a community of like-minded folks. I want to have all the good things that my fevered little brain can imagine. I want that for you too. Join me, won’t you?