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Health Lesson


I had an interesting December.  I was more organized for the holidays than I’ve ever been.  Things were looking good and then it was like I ran into a storm of resistance.  I was worried.  I was overwhelmed.  I was in a funk.

I tried to get out of my funk, but wasn’t very successful.  It was a perfect storm of too tired, too much bad food, too little self-care, and too much worry. All this resulted in some ill health and that’s where it gets interesting.

Aside from some virus-y symptoms, I had some problems with my teeth.  I’ve never had good teeth and gums and my fear around dental problems makes it the perfect reflection of stress in my life.

So I had a toothache.  In recent years, I’ve used some home remedies to try to avoid the expense and discomfort of dentistry.  I have a new dentist now, but my reluctance continues.  I put the natural methods into place and it helped quite a bit, but did not totally get rid of the discomfort.

One night I thought “I wish I could just get some anti-biotics for my teeth.”  Lo and behold, a day and a half later, I woke up with a swollen jaw, went to the doctor, and got some anti-biotics.  Hmmmm.

The antibiotics quickly brought down the swelling.  My doctor was pretty scared about the swelling, but I knew I created it totally out of resistance.  It didn’t come with any pain. Unfortunately, the resistance continued and peaked.

Christmas Eve I worked at my job, from 2pm until 3am, eating all kinds of junk food, feeling exhausted, depressed and generally not taking care of myself.  I was halfway through the antibiotics on Christmas morning when I was getting ready for work.

As I forced my tired, stressed body through the motions of getting dressed, I felt my jaw swelling.  I ran to the bathroom mirror and saw that the swelling in my jaw was, indeed, coming back.

I was clear that my jaw was reflecting my stressed state, so I took some time to relax and meditate.  The swelling went down again.  Whew!

I ran around, getting ready for work, and my jaw swelled again.  At this point, I gave in, called in sick to work, and spent the day resting.  Apparently, antibiotics don’t work as well if you exhaust yourself and eat crap.  I spent the rest of the weekend relaxing and the swelling didn’t come back.

I’m feeling much better now and have learned a valuable lesson.  I listened to some Abraham-Hicks recordings and really heard when she said that physical illness is a manifestation of resistance.  She said that without resistance, the cells of our bodies would heal themselves.  When I relaxed, the resistance subsided and my jaw fixed itself.

My teeth still have some soreness here and there.  While I wait for my new dental insurance to kick in, I’m experimenting with my teeth.  When I feel a twinge in a tooth, I relax.  Sometimes I shift my focus to the teeth that feel fine.  Both actions help and the pain goes away.  I don’t entirely trust this new method of dental management, but I figure if I’m in a good space mentally, I’ll know if I need more action.  Meanwhile, I have a built-in stress meter. It’s good to relax.